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One of my all-time favs from two of the the most beautiful and passionate models on this site.

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I don’t know how I missed this, but thanks to the recent recommendation to check it out. These two have that undefinable “it” you know when you see.

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Please never ever skip the panty peels. To me, they are the sexiest part of the porno. It is so hot seeing them kiss and for play but you skipped lorenas panties coming off. Despite this, great scene.

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So sexy. Their bodies are just perfect. They are not as skinny as most other models. So hot.

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lose the music at the start

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I would love, love, love ... to see Don Caravaggio do his retake on The Art of Kissing.

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O. M. F. G.

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Thank goodness for the Comments section! Without Mimi17's comment I may never have found this gem. Single films tend to get overlooked. I'm still on my catch-up after being way from the site for a while, so thanks Mimi17.

Lorena is wonderful in whatever she does and is such a talented actress. Her self assurance is infectious, and that beautiful smile could melt an iceberg...

The more I see of Sweet Cat, the further up my favourites list she goes. Like Lorena, she is a confident performer so as a pairing they are natural together. So congratulations to everyone involved with the production. This film is up there with the best....

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Mimi has great taste in films, it's always worth checking out the ones she recommends :-) And if you haven't already seen it, Lorena is in another wonderful standalone scene by Don Caravaggio – "The Intruders," with Lola.

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That one I did find Rose but thanks for he recommendation.

I've just added 'Domestic Desire' and 'Quest' to my watch list too. I'm so glad I made the decision to keep my subscription going from month to month.

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Thank you Pinkfish and's lovely to be complimented :)

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This is outrageously good. Sensual foreplay, sweet kissing and two beautiful girls who seem to be turned on by each other. Beautiful.

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Lovely to see Lorena - passionate and happy - and with a gorgeous partner ....

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I finally got a laptop!!! This is so great...I LOVE this film! Sensual, sexy..I wish Lorena had cum more. Beautiful film. Great work Don.

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It's a shame that Don is going as I love his films. All of them are terrific. Bye bye Don, I will miss you and your lesbian spirit. If Lorena ever comes out and says she prefers men she would be lying or a very good actress. She absolutely LOVES women and it's beautiful because she is so beautiful and so very very nice with women. What a beauty she is. Sweet Cat is gorgeous too and I love the way she delights when Lorena is kissing her neck. Lovely work Don.

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Don is going nowhere, Mimi – he'll be shooting for us again soon! We love his work here :-)

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Oh good :)

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wouaa!!! super film!!!comme si nous y étions. Vrai de vrai, tout y est ! Les actrices ne jouent pas, elles vivent pleinement .
J adore Lorena B, elle est ma top 2.Elle est d une générosité impressionnante; toujours soucieuse du buen etre de sa partenaire.Super souriante. Lorena, te quiero, eres maramillosa.
D ailleurs, j aime lorsqu elle tourne avec ma top 1, Tracy Lindsay

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thanks to everybody for the very nice comments! this was our last movie for Vivthomas made in Prague.
The main focus for this movie was for Katy and Lorena to get to explore every inch from
each other without hurry,find the positions they like best and let them be.
Even we did had issues going on during that day, the girls and team wanted to give it a try to end the film and I'm glad we did.
We will like to go deeper and better with this simple idea (always with Lorena) for future projects we plan for this summer, where models could direct themselves on what and how they like best.
Sweet Cat was great to work with,thanks to Lorena for letting me know about her!
We like to read your opinions on what to improve and what you like,so thanks for this feedback!
All best!

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after watching my download again I think what has been lost in this incredible scene is I agree Don thanks to Lorena for bringing us Cat...think that has been missed in most every ones comments....Cat is terrific have seen her in some other scenes and have been impressed with her can tell she loves her job... so perfect for viv thomas please include her in future ventures

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merci pour les précisions concernant le tournage et je dois dire que j ai beaucoup ressenti l ambiance que vous décrivez .Au final, c'est un film très intime et très beau émotionnellement.
J ai hâte de voir les prochains films.
Muchisimas gracias.

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It's been so long and finally I'm back here on VT too, to enjoy all the super hot and amazing movies that just came out this week and are about to come up next (oh Alyssa Reece :-D I missed you :-P)

I have to be honest: I was really really waiting and counting down the days for this one particular movie, "Velvety Feel" for two main reasons.

The first one, and really the main one, has a beautiful and poetic name: Sweet Cat :-D ;-)
If perfection, passion, pure beauty, infinite charm and love could all take a physical form.. well Sweet Cat is the only possible result ;-)

I hate making comparisons because, as I often write, every single girl has her own way in being beautiful, unique and perfect.. one model in particular I'm totally in love with is Silvie Luca (it's no secret :-P and I'll really miss her :-( ), but Sweet Cat totally got my heart as well and she did it slowly, deeply and relentlessly each single time I had the huge pleasure to admire and enjoy her perfect sweet face (I'm in love with her eyes and smile) and her amazing, perfect sculpted body that is really the proof that Mother Nature is an artist ;-)
There is also another reason why I'm totally in love with Sweet Cat.. a much "wetter" reason related to a true gift she is blessed with, but I'll explain this better later :-P

So beautiful and perfect Sweet Cat was surely the main reason why I was counting down the days for this movie, but what about the other one?
I was totally waiting for a girl girl movie here on VivThomas following it's more classic and loved (by me) filming style: featuring two beautiful and perfect girls, completely naked and having some really intense and genuine hard and wet sex together where we can enjoy their beauty from every angel and in every detail, both their perfect bodies and all the hot and steamy wet action that happens from in between their legs till their mouths ;-) (and hey.. here there is a lot of both ;-) ) being this the main focus of the movie itself :-D

Now please, don't take me wrong as with what I wrote I'm not criticizing the amazing and beautiful work that master Alis Locanta did so far here on VT ;-) please don't think that I didn't liked his movies because this wouldn't be true at all, so let me explain better what I mean as this is something I do really value a lot as a huge lover and longtime member of VT ;-)

I love to consider myself as one of the biggest fans and lover of Alis works (especially on SexArt, omg he is a true genius!) and when I read the announcement that he was going here on VT I was literally euphoric as I couldn't wait what incredibly hot movies he could create from his infinite genius and with his amazing filming talent.. and the wait was truly worth it: his movies revealed to be really intense, hot an particular, featuring this more narrative driven style and having sex between girls divided into two different moments in the whole movie.

In the first movies I liked this choice, some of them truly drove me totally crazy as the sex between the girls was incredibly intense and true even within a "heavily" narrative drive movie where the girls were asked also to act other than share pleasure.. this also showed the amazing talent and skills of the beautiful and perfect girls that are the true protagonist and reasons why these movies are so hot ;-)

Unfortunately I started to miss something as the newer movies were coming out, since personally I still feel to be a huge lover and fan of the "classic formula" (hard sex together and flu nudity :-P).. having different movies is excellent as VT always shined for it's variety in movies, but I personally felt that lately this variety was missing as 99% of the movies were following this style.. even if the movies were still good and hot.

Don's and Sandra's movies were filling that "gap" I was experiencing, but again lately both of them didn't had new movies on VT (and Don's movies so far were simply superb :-D)

Another reason that made me feel kinda "miss something" was also the fact that in most of the latest movie the girls were wearing lingerie, which I'm sorry I totally don't like :-P
This last part isn't absolutely a critique to the movies or to Alis, this is due to my very personal taste and I totally respect and understand that each one of us has his/her own likes and dislikes (again, variety is a beautiful thing ;-) ), but personally I really don't like lingerie as it covers the girls' perfect and beautiful bodies as they have sex.. I totally love to enjoy them in all their natural and stunning perfect beauty, inch by inch all over their perfect skink every single body part (even the most intimate ones ;-) ) in great detail as pleasure waves and arouses them in such intense and wet moments :-D
Personally, to me, lingerie takes this away as it covers their perfection and hides it behind something that also strips away and makes the contact between them less intense.. again, maybe this is only me and my "crazy tastes" :-P but the full contact between two completely naked bodies sharing pleasure, love and passion is something impossible to match in my personal experience and makes everything juts better, hotter and incredibly intimate.. literally almost like you are one with your partner ;-)
Also I have to admit that I have a huge huge fetish for legs (especially thighs) and stockings tends to be my worts enemy in this sense :-P

Again please don't take this last part on lingerie and stockings as a critique, just a personal consideration as they are a turnoff for me but again I respect and understand other's members tastes ;-)

Going back to the filming style and Alis one last time before moving to this masterpiece ;-)

So my personal concerns were most for this "lack of variety" in latest movies.. I was really hoping (and still hope a lot) that Alis could film and create a full movie series on VT with his amazing and unique visionary filming style, kinda like "Outlines" and "Distorted Reality".. where you have to interpret what you see, where the story is told through "non-linear" scenes and dreams are mixing with reality and even hallucinations :-O
Those movies that on SexArt were filling the comment section with some very intense, hot and even crazy ideas about what we just saw and loved.. "Outlines" in this sense was outstanding, but I still think that "Distorted Reality" is truly Alis biggest masterpiece so far in that sense ;-)
Can you imagine a whole series on VT by Alis? I would love it :-D

Oh and what about those more classic and intense scenes that made VT the best ever site in the world?
Well let me just name a few true masterpiece that Alis filmed on SexArt: "The Villa", "Que es la Passion 2", "The Writer", "Hard Love", "Slippery When Wet" and so on.. these are truly my favorites but I could go on forever about Alis ;-) (with "The Villa" on top :-D)
Again, I would totally totally love a movie series like "The Villa" here on VT, featuring that incredibly intense sex and ore classic filing style ;-) but more than everything I would really love to see Alis go wild with his imagination and more visionary style :-D
Please master Alis Locanta, think about making also movies like this other than your current VT style :-)

Please don't consider this as an "angry rant" from a disappointed member, because I'm not disappointed at all and I totally totally respect Alis incredibly hot work so far as he is one of your best directors and artists :-D
To conclude this large parenthesis I also want to say that I just watched "Mature Attraction pt 1 - Blossom" (with Lena and Violet) and wow :-O I really loved this one and is a true 20 and even more stars for me ;-) (I'll write about it next time).. but please, variety is really important in VT as it's what makes it the incredible site it is :-D

Excuse me again for pointing at this here and with such large details, but I do really value and love what VT represents for me and what all the amazing artists have created so far.. so I hope that my personal opinions will contribute always into making it better :-)

Ok, now moving back to "Velvety Feel" :-D

As I said so far I totally loved all movies by Don Caravaggio, another incredible and truly talented director that gave life to some true intense movies here.. but this one, in my opinion, takes the number 1 place in the podium and not only as Don's best ever movies, but also as VT's best ever movies so far in 2016 :-D

Where do I even start? :-P

First let me give you an advice on how to truly enjoy this great movie (or experience should I say? ;-) ): sit in front of a huge HD TV on a very very comfy couch, pump up the volume as high as possible (better with headphone soy course :-P) and switch off very single light in the room until the TV's glow is the only light on the room.. then press play and hold yourself tight because this movie is a true shock and passionate tsunami for your senses :-D

I'm sorry that I don't mentioned Lorena Garcia before, but Don had an amazing idea in filming Sweet Cat with Lorena as they are totally amazing together :-D They both love hard sex and are truly unstoppable when that special magic true chemistry is there between them ;-)

So what about this chemistry, was it here? Yes.. oh yes it was :-D

I'll be explicit here: the intro of this movie is explosive and be warned because it could cause massive orgasms juts by looking the very first minutes :-O

What you'll witness is one of the most intense, passionate and genuine kissing scenes in the whole Erotica's history ever ;-)
The way Sweet Cat and Lorena are watching and caressing each other, the way they swirl their tongues, kiss and get closer with their hot wet lips, how it starts to get wetter and deeper with some small bites and then more wetter and deeper faster kissing, then how the start to get closer with their bodes and intensify the contact starting with their beautiful and perfect long naked legs.. all the way where they both lose control and are feeling the urge to get completely naked and fuck each other incredibly hard :-D

This whole intro is an exponential escalation to passion, pure seduction and growing lust between two stunning perfect girls that are truly sharing genuine attraction, passion and lust for each other.. this is a true seduction between them and to us very lucky viewers ;-)

One moment I felt I could totally lose control is when Sweet Cat pushed her tongue inside Lorena's mouth to make her suck it.. omg, I was on the edge of losing both my mind and body :-O
I won't lie and be really honest: I was really struggling during this amazing intro and I had to take a break before going on, because my heart was almost exploding :-P

This is the best and hottest intro in a girl girl movie I saw in my life.. I think that Don here just showed everyone how a genius he is and how much he is talented in filming his movies ;-)

Other than the incredibly intense kissing, licking and caressing between the girls, what played a major role into making this particular part so hot was the choice to have both girls wearing just panties, a sweatshirt and nothing else!
Both Sweet Cat and Lorena have truly amazing and perfect legs and admiring them both like this was incredibly hot ;-) but having them dressed like this also gave them the chance to have a much more intimate and intense personal body contact as they were kissing.. that kind of physical contact that acts truly as the "fire starter" for an unstoppable blaze of lust and passion :-D

I really imagined them both like two very close friends that never had sex before nor together or even with another girl.. as good friends they decided to sleep together and share some days of fun, but then they start to sweetly look into each other's eyes and feel something else much stronger pushing them toward each other.
So they start to kiss sweetly, both experiencing the first kiss with another girl together and feeling that sensation grow bigger and stronger as they kiss more, swirl their tongues and caress.
As the kissing gets deeper and wetter they get closer, their upper body is covered by those big sweatshirt that still keeps them "divided" but then the soft skin on their naked legs gets in contact, they start to feel themselves much more closely and intimately.. their bodies starts to get in touch very intimately and having their naked legs feel more and more of that beautiful pure nudity, transforms that strong sensation into true and pure sexual excitement ;-) making them kiss more, harder, deeper and stronger.. after that they just want more of each other as every single possible physical and mental wall in between them and pure pleasure is doomed to fall :-D

They way how they then finally undress, get closer and begging having some hard sex is truly amazing.. you can literally see both Sweet Cat and Lorena lose control to the point they weren't even aware of the camera anymore ;-)
Lorena in my opinion was incredibly horny already here, just look how she kisses Sweet Cat when they undress each other :-O but Sweet Cat was already on the verge of losing control here too as her face was completely filled with pleasure and true desire.

I really feel speechless about this intro and honestly I think it's impossible to make it's justice just with words.. this has to be seen and experienced :-D
As I said Lorena was already incredibly horny and excited, but admiring and watching Sweet Cat build up her pleasure and sexual excitement as Lorena was kissing, licking and undressing her to an explosive level in the blink of an eye.. well this was amazing :-D
It was incredibly the and genuine like I never saw before.. they were both incredibly excited and (I'm sure ;-) ) already incredibly wet in between their legs with juices dripping on their hot perfect thighs.

Dear Don.. congratulations as the intro of this movie is worth by itself already 10 stars ;-)

So she already reached nine thousand degrees already in "sexual excitement heat".. what can happen from now on?
Ohh trust me, you'll really need a break before going on because it gets incredibly hotter to points you could never imagine.. even me with my "dirty and wild mind" :-P

If I imagined Sweet Cat and Lorena as two "innocent" girls that never had sex with another girl before, as the clothes come off they completely lose control and become unstoppable into rising the pleasure levels to incredibly vertiginous heights that could make an astronaut feel dizzy :-P

This happens in less than a minute, with Lorena being again the most aroused and horny as she starts to lick Sweet Cat's perfect body all over (I can't blame her :-P), then jumping with her bout on Sweet's pussy (still wearing panties) to almost devour her :-O
It's just a matter of seconds before Sweet's panties gets almost ripped and thrown away, leaving her finally completely naked (Sweet Cat's body is simply perfect :-D), with Lorena literally jumping on Sweet to kiss her as their naked bodies are in full contact over each other :-O again, the kissing is majestic and very intense ;-) (listen to already high wetness between them :-P)

This is also the same moment where Sweet Cat become so horny that she completely loses control and gets over Lorena to take off her panties and leave her completely naked as well, while tasting and almost devouring her whole body starting from her feet :-D

Omg this part was incredible!
The way it was filmed, showing Sweet's amazing hips and ass over Lorena while kissing so hard, the foot licking and the kissing as they finally got naked to fuck incredibly hard.. once agin it was an exponential growth of passion and lust.. amazing :-D

From this point on I suggest you to push the volume really high as wetness begins to flow copiously in between the girls legs ;-)
Everything that happened in this amazing movie got me completely, everything I love it's here and it's 100% genuine as only VT can do :-D

As much as dirty and wild your fantasy can be, you can't imagine how hard and wild Sweet Cat and Lorena fucked themselves to explosive orgasms.. the ass licking was simply gorgeous and amazing, I couldn't believe my eyes as this was going on right in front on me and I found myself replaying these multiple ass licking moments over and over almost ;-)
Sweet Cat was totally out of control: she was literally hungry for both Lorena's pussy and ass that her tongue was constantly and furiously jumping from one to the other, driving Lorena literally crazy :-P

There is even one beautiful and almost funny moment where Sweet Cat's tongue was fighting with Lorena's hands for her pussy :-P Lorena was so horny that she couldn't resist to masturbate as her perfect ass was getting almost tongue fucked, but then Sweet Cat wanted more on her juicy pussy and had to fight against those fingers :-P

Who won the fight? Sweet Cat's tongue had it's way to Lorena's pleasure and made her erupt it all on her beautiful face :-D

What's even hotter about this moment is that it just made both girls even hornier and sexually excited beyond imagination, culminating and exposing into one of the hottest wild Tribbing you could ever imagine in one of the hottest and most beautiful positions ever :-D
Only flaw: it was a bit too short, but in this case was good because tribbing just drove them both so wild and crazy that fingers were already all over their juicy wet pussies (incredibly wet, listen well ;-) ) and then into multiple 69 positions were both tongues and fingers were wildly wandering over pussies and asses like unleashed furious starving predators :-O

It's impossible to describe this part with words as really a lot happens ;-)
Once again, this easily wins the best ever "Multiple 69" you could ever had the joy to watch in a girl girl movie.. once again proof of how true and genuine was the chemistry between Sweet and Lorena, they found themselves into multiple (and extremely creative ;-) ) 69 positions where the only constants were fingers and tongues never leaving those juicy pussies and assholes alone or empty :-D
Pleasure was truly out of scale here and I can't explain how the whole room didn't melted like rocks in a Volcano ;-)

There is also one particle moment and position (min. 16:02) where Sweet Cat finds herself with her beautiful perfect ass up an available to Lorena, while she sits on the bed holding her legs.. this particular and extremely hot position had the best and hottest potential for some incredibly intense g spot finger fucking that, unfortunately never happened.. I would've loved to see Lorena finger fuck Sweet Cat incredibly hard on her g spot in this position, hopefully to a very intense orgasm with some "explosive results" ;-) (I'll explain this later :-P)

This part brings me to the only flaw of this incredibly hot movie, the only thing I really missed and totally hoped for: truly incredibly intense G spot Finger Fucking on Sweet Cat :-D

After that hot 69, Lorena licks Sweet's pussy to orgasm but there isn't any finger fucking on Sweet Cat unfortunately.. I do have to say and point that there is an amazing and incredibly intense finger fucking by Sweet Cat on Lorena though :-D
This is another extremely hot and passionate moment where Sweet finger fucks Lorena on the g spot while in an amazing doggystyle position that shows beautifully Lorena's perfect ass and wide open dripping pussy as she gets fucked harder and harder to an amazing orgasm ;-)
This is one of those intense and wild g spot finger fucking scenes that again deserves a 10 stars vote just by themselves, with Lorena's legs trembling and her whole body squirming uncontrollably as her g spot was getting massaged and fucked incredibly hard by Sweet Cat.

But honestly I would've loved to see something like this (or even harder) happen to Sweet Cat as well.. why?
Simple: she is an amazing and incredibly strong natural squirter :-D

Sweet Cat's squirting orgasms are the kind you could consider as legendary ;-) exactly as Uma Zex's and Tina Blade's ones to give you the idea ;-)
Sweet's orgasm tends to be incredibly strong and explosive and when she squirts it happens hard and incredibly messy.. the best kinds of natural squirting orgasms you could wish for :-D

Now I want to be honest here: the lack of finger fucking on Sweet Cat and an eventual squirting orgasm would've made this movie VT's absolute masterpiece ever in it's history since launch ;-)
Much more than the actual squirting orgasm, what I was missing was that intense and wild g spot finger fucking to orgasm on Sweet Cat until she couldn't even take it anymore (multiple hard orgasms).. this is because her orgasms are incredibly hard and intense and I totally love how her beautiful body squirms and tenses as pleasure waves across her.. especially her perfect legs trembling and her thighs clenching as her pussy gets fucked over and over on the g spot.

She is truly one of those perfect beautiful girls blessed in such a way that she can feel pleasure build up and explode at the double of the intensity.. one of the most sensual and passionate girls I've ever had the pleasure to admire and literally love for this reason (Silvie Luca was the same in this).. this the thing I missed more than everything in this movie and that could've make it the supreme masterpiece in VT's history so far ;-)

As I said this movie is still an incredibly hot and wild unique experience, one of those masterpieces that you won't ever forget for how wild and true it is.. genuine passionate wild sex, two perfect and beautiful girls sharing some true and strong attraction between each other (both physically and psychologically, it was 100% true), explosive orgasms and beautiful filming and direction by one of the best directors on VT.. all this is worth juts by itself 10 stars, plus the incredibly hot intro that is a whole story by itself :-D

The final vote would be almost 200 stars if I could just give them all :-P but due to "technical limitations" we have to stick to just 10 unfortunately :-P
From those 10 I have to take one star away though.. I'm sorry to say this, but that incredibly wild and wet hard g spot finger fucking I was hoping to see on Sweet Cat is something I totally missed and would loved to see.

So my final vote is 9 stars ;-)
An amazing movie that in my personal opinion is a true must watch to understand how great and fantastic VT is :-D

A lot of congratulations to both the amazing and perfect Sweet Cat and the beautiful and passionate Lorena Garcia.. I'm sorry that I haven't wrote too ugh about Lorena :-P she is girl I really love too and her movies are some of the hottest since she is incredibly passionate and charming to explosive levels, also thinking about it Sweet Cat couldn't have a better partner n such a movie than Lorena ;-)
Having them together was the best choice ever.. bravo mr. Caravaggio :-D

Needless to say that I hope and literally part that we'll see much much more of Sweet Cat across the whole MetArt Network and a lot more often ;-)
She is truly an amazing model and a perfect girl.. literally perfect in the purest and deepest meaning of this word.. hopefully we'll also see her in some very very wild movies where she will be able to unleash all her wild and hot sexuality like here.. hopefully with a lot of tribbing and some really hard g spot finger fucking to multiple squirting orgasms.

Personally I would love to see her with Chrissy Fox both here on VT and on SexArt, they could make themselves literally explode together as Chrissy is a potential squirter too :-D
I would also love to see her in some movies by both Charles Lakante, Paul Black and Andrej Lupin (both girl-girl and masturbation).. in short: please a lot lot more of Sweet Cat ;-)

Last but not least I also want to thank and write some words for the most beautiful, kind, talented, shining and passionate creature on both earth and sky :-D
The sun of MetArt and should of this amazing community, the Art in MetArt as I loved to cal her.. the reason why all these amazing sites are so special and unique in the world: Rose :-)

Dear Rose thank you as always for the amazing work you do every day with such passion and efforts, you are simply amazing and perfect as well in your own unique beautiful way.
Thank you Rose ;-)

PS: Next I'll comment on "Mature Attraction".. that movie is another explosive hot one :-D

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Wow, great comment, Lex! You know how much we appreciate your insightful critique... it always brings a new dimension to the movies for me... and leaves me a bit breathless! Like you I am a huge fan of Lorena (and I've been totally won over by Sweet Cat too) and the perfect simplicity of this movie makes it an absolute classic for me. And thanks as always for your sweet words, they mean a lot to me :-)

  • 4

Thanks to you and your beautiful words Rose :-D I really hope that we will see much more of Sweet Cat and of Lorena as well ;-)

  • 8

Okay, okay. So not everyone has the same taste in films here on VT. There is always room for improvement but that goes for anything. Now with that being said. I love, love, love Lorena. I mean that in the most respectful, honest and humble way possible without coming off as a complete horndog or obsessive compulsive addict for all things Lorena. Her presence on camera is dominating and seems to almost always be stronger than her partners. Though that is through no fault of their own. The confidence, connection and passion that exudes from Lorena is transcending. It is definitely not something just anyone has or can duplicate or immitate. For those reasons, and many other obvious ones I might add, I simply adore Lorena. So all in all great job on all aspects of the production and to everyone involved. And Thank You to Don and especially Thank You to Lorena for all efforts. None of it has gone unnoticed nor unappreciated. I will be patiently waiting for and more from the incomparable and breathtaking Lorena.

  • 3

Sweet Cat is gorgeous too!

  • 5

Had you of set this on the backdrop of a college dorm room, or better yet a Two Night Stand (2014) fairy-lit cubbyhouse with rain echoing in the background - re the opening of Locanta's A Rainy Afternoon... it could have been something special. Unfortunately what this is, is a porn set, and consequently that's negatively influencing the way I'm watching this video. Please don't forget the importance of your environment or the notion of setting the scene. Otherwise. A great video with great performances and chemistry. Thank you also for bringing us more of the beautiful Lorena.

  • 8

Great scene and nice to see something that doesn't follow the same structure as all the other scenes that have recently been uploaded. Variety! And sexy with it too.

  • 8

words dont describe how good this was......perhaps the hottest non stop sex video i have ever seen...they were both so intense yet very sensual....lets hope Don has more coming for VT

  • 8

More please is right on. This is the best of the best!

  • 8

More indeed! This is fucking superb! Passionate kissing, lots and lots of foreplay..beautiful. Magical. This is my favorite film so far. Brilliant!

  • 5

Love the final outtakes too. She seems to have a knack for making everything she does enjoyable.

  • 12

This is the stuff fantasies are made of, but it's deliciously real... two beautiful girls, totally focused on each other's pleasure. Simply irresistible. Lorena juts gets hotter and more gorgeous by the day, she is my dream girl without a doubt. More, please :-)

  • 8

Rose, totally agree..not enough words to describe the scene: sensual, sexy, hot, passionate....Rose, need your magic to make it happen..more of Lorena PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Squirting Pulsing & Cumming
I Miss You
I Miss You 29.08.2019
Featuring Amber
Movie - 27:19
Anal Yoga
Anal Yoga 25.07.2019
Featuring Lara A
Movie - 13:04
My Favourite Fetish
My Favourite Fetish 27.06.2019
Featuring Cara
Movie - 15:00
Oil-gasm 30.05.2019
Featuring Antonia Sainz
Movie - 10:37
Hot Desert Warm Pee
Hot Desert Warm Pee 25.04.2019
Featuring Annie
Movie - 13:45
Body Paint Full Release
Body Paint Full Release 28.03.2019
Featuring Elza A
Movie - 19:02
Personal Pampering
Personal Pampering 28.02.2019
Featuring Renata
Movie - 20:02
Turning Myself On
Turning Myself On 31.01.2019
Featuring Nata
Movie - 15:34
Watch Or Watched?
Watch Or Watched? 27.12.2018
Featuring Dido
Movie - 12:55
Cleaning My Wet Pussy
Cleaning My Wet Pussy 29.11.2018
Featuring Lucretia K
Movie - 12:52
Coffee And Nylons
Coffee And Nylons 25.10.2018
Featuring Eve S
Movie - 16:14
Hop-On 27.09.2018
Featuring Tina Kay
Movie - 20:44
My Intimate Spa
My Intimate Spa 30.08.2018
Featuring Maria Rubio
Movie - 13:18
Sticky Ice
Sticky Ice 26.07.2018
Featuring Zazie S
Movie - 16:21
I Spy
I Spy 28.06.2018
Featuring Antonia Sainz
Movie - 12:32
My Turn To Cum
My Turn To Cum 31.05.2018
Featuring Mirabella
Movie - 14:30
Midnight 26.04.2018
Featuring Cindy Hope
Movie - 19:04
Oil-gasm 30.05.2019
Featuring Antonia Sainz
Movie - 10:37
Watch Or Watched?
Watch Or Watched? 27.12.2018
Featuring Dido
Movie - 12:55
Full Flood Release
Full Flood Release 22.11.2017
Featuring Rebeka Ruby
Movie - 08:50
My Extreme Fantasy
My Extreme Fantasy 04.01.2018
Featuring Crystal Maiden
Movie - 13:59
Raw Orgasm
Raw Orgasm 20.07.2017
Featuring Dido
Movie - 12:32
Watching 11.05.2017
Featuring Lady Dee
Movie - 10:26
I Spy
I Spy 28.06.2018
Featuring Antonia Sainz
Movie - 12:32
Coffee With Ice
Coffee With Ice 29.03.2018
Featuring Anna G & Eva M
Movie - 12:18
Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage 30.03.2017
Featuring Kiara Lord & Rebel Lynn
Movie - 28:11
Hop-On 27.09.2018
Featuring Tina Kay
Movie - 20:44
Doux Les Pieds
Doux Les Pieds 27.04.2017
Featuring Tiffany Doll
Movie - 18:34
My Pleasure Box
My Pleasure Box 12.10.2017
Featuring April
Movie - 16:30
Power Tool Sex
Power Tool Sex 09.11.2017
Featuring Patritcy A
Movie - 13:15
Cleaning My Wet Pussy
Cleaning My Wet Pussy 29.11.2018
Featuring Lucretia K
Movie - 12:52
Pushing Boundaries
Pushing Boundaries 31.08.2017
Featuring Ayza
Movie - 11:38
Be My Slave - Reloaded Episode 3 - Enthrall Watching Her Cum
Watching Her Cum 14.09.2017
Featuring Alla B & Sarika A
Movie - 13:58
After Hours Scene 1 - Caliginosity
Do You Wanna Play With Me Episode 3 - Erogenous Private Practice Episode 1 - Covert Mature Attraction Episode 4 - Indulge
Chair Pothos
Chair Pothos 02.03.2017
Featuring Paula Shy
Movie - 15:15
Side Show
Side Show 16.03.2017
Featuring Azura Starr
Movie - 06:59
Coffee And Nylons
Coffee And Nylons 25.10.2018
Featuring Eve S
Movie - 16:14
Young Lesbian Lust Part 2 Hallway Solo Hot Wet Lesbians Part 5
Angels Vol 1 Episode 1 - Passion The Initiation of a Maid Episode 4 - Investiture Behind The Scenes: Eve Angel On Location
Dreams Come True Episode 1 - Affectionate Behind The Scenes: Tracy Lindsay On Location And In The End Episode 4 - Finality
Day Dream Episode 2 - Special Attention Story of She 2 BTS Extras 5 Behind The Scenes: Anissa Kate On Location Shooting Memories
Midnight 26.04.2018
Featuring Cindy Hope
Movie - 19:04
Deep Massage
Deep Massage 18.01.2017
Featuring Kiara Lord & Rebel Lynn
Movie - 26:00
Serendipity Episode 1 - Distraction
Body Worship Episode 2 - Pussy Worship Do You Wanna Play With Me Episode 1 - Enact Private Squirting
Private Squirting 03.08.2017
Featuring Rebeka Ruby
Movie - 09:35
Champagne Supernova Red Passion Episode 2 - Impulsive