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What Wanda said. These two play well off each other, are super focussed, and how can one not get excited watching them vibrating and bouncing off the ceiling? So to say, of course...

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I enjoy to see this pussy licking and fingering with good close up. ?

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This is an excellent flick. I like the unscripted interactions between them. The little smiles and eye glances that reveal mutual enjoyment and engagement. Those elements evoke much more than any amount of moaning or shrieking.

I especially enjoyed the session beginning at about 22:30, when they move into a position of cuddling together, intertwining their bodies and engaging in more direct face-to-face contact.

First, that is more like what lovers do in real life. So much erotic video gets focused on specific acts, but in life lovers cuddle and engage. I always like that element, that is not often portrayed sufficiently, IMHO. In that regard also see discussions about the lack of side-by-side 69.

Second, artistically there is an intrinsic beauty associated with seeing two female bodies, with their curves, moving and undulating together in an erotic harmony. I sometimes wonder what Michelangelo would have done with the female form had he not been constrained by stone and chisel.

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If Zazie, Elina, or both are ever freaked out by a scary movie, I am totally ready to help them any way I can to keep their minds off whatever's frightening them. They're doing a really amazing job of finding other things to focus on other than the scary movie in this video, and sure don't look like they need any help distracting each other, but a little bit extra can't hurt.

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I enjoyed the extended sexual interactions with Elina in the first engagement, didn't feel rushed like a lot of the videos had lately. I really like the camera work on this was great. Good lighting, not too much or too little considering the overall ambiance was a darker room.

And Zazie's is one of my favorite to watch, position at the end was a nice hot change too.

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Finally a movie I enjoy. Hell when Elina is on her back "Sully" could have hit that from 5,000 feet. Nothing as obvious and sexy as a really tall woman on her back getting pleasured. Nik you are aces in my book. Not only choosing great models but going from eating popcorn to eating each other. And getting stimulated watching an engrossing movie. And Zazie is just getting better every shoot. I'm sure the lighting and room temperature was good too, it's all lost on me. You had the props and you have the models, women do it better. Easy to see these models dug each other and that helps us dig them. Thanks.

Ordinary weekday - Tuesday. VT Movie Day. What a let down IMO. The story is boring. Zazie and Elina do not make the cut. Every time we have some excellent films the only way VT can deliver and performers - Dorothy, Alyssa, Talia, Blue and Angelika to mention a few - then VT touch a low standard. Now I'll have to wait for Friday and Thursday NEXT week hoping for hot sexy movie. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION AND I'M SURE THERE'S A LOT OF VIEWERS THAT ARE WAY OVER THE MOON AND WORSHIPS THIS MOVIE. ENJOY ?

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both Zazie & Elina De Lion are very beautiful.

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Hi Baloo, I'm disappointed to hear you didn't enjoy this, but just wanted to let you know the next pics and movie are coming this Thursday and Friday, so you don't have to wait too long! It's two new sexy models, Kate Rich and Allatra Hot. I hope you'll find it very enjoyable :-)

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A fun story, and these two are hot together!


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